Coffin Selection

Honouring Your Loved One

Edwin Harris will supply a beautiful coffin to suit your loved one from our range of hand built coffins. Below is just a small selection of our range.

We also offer an extensive range of Willow Coffins and range of colourful painted coffins that can be created to your specific requirements.

Coffin Selection

The Clent

Veneered oak coffin with matching solid oak combination moulds.

The Malvern

Traditional Veneered Oak Coffin with a bead on the lid

The Cotswold

Veneered oak coffin with matching solid oak combination moulds and No. 1 raised lid.

The Pedmore

Veneered Oak Coffin with solid oak moulds and routered piquet side panels

The Richmond

Solid Oak Coffin with traditional routered side and end panels and no. 2 raised lid

The Romsley

Veneered mahogany coffin with matching solid wood moulds and 1 raised lid

Traditional Shape Brown Willow Coffin

With chestnut brown bands and woven handles. Also available in natural white willow and oval shape

Woodgrain Cardboard Coffin

With cotton woven loop handles